From Ken Ditkowsky–the 1st Amendment applies to everyone

Subject: Re: Fw: The First Amendment applies to every one.
Date: Aug 7, 2017 9:37 PM

Since the Presidential Election many of us have noted a distinct attempt by the mainstream media to denigrate any action taken by the current Administration.       It thus must be anticipated that the prosecutions of the criminals who are carrying on a WAR against the Elderly and the Disabled will not receive accolades.     Indeed, in the very same manner that the Judicial and Political elite have enthusiastically endorsed the forfeiture of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of those who object to the 700% fraud surcharge on Health care  we will see a campaign to inform us (the great unwashed) just how wonderful it is to be addicted to Opioids in sheltered care facilities as a prelude to our dehumanization and forfeiture of our estates.

The Alice Gore and Mary Sykes guardianship…

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