Great Memorandum or Brief on Motions to unseal Court cases

Unseal a sealed court case

We all know that corrupt cases are sealed left and right up and down.  We also know in Chicago, in years past, the Office of Public Guardian had mysterious fires and also City Hall had mysterious fires where only half a floor of records would always burn — only the City half and not the County Half.

I also still have litigants unable to get unconstitutionally sealed cases and transcripts unsealed after many long months.  In Cook County, apparently after you get the order unsealing an unconstitutionally sealed court case file, then the paper file mysteriously disappears and even more mysterious, the computer file suddenly becomes unable to print.

You would not believe the files I have heard that are secreted away, found elsewhere and will not print.

In Cook County, apparently our case files have wings to fly away, legs to walk away and magnets to make them unable…

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