From Ken Ditkowsky–Who checks the fact checkers and why do we need any panels of “fact checkers” in Illinois anyway?

The establishment has a new tool in which to distort the facts – it is called the fact check.    In the elder cleansing arena the fact check is created by “panels” of lawyers who are “wired” and predetermined to find that any deviation from the accepted ‘tale’ is a lie.  Thus, when confronted by the fact that Mary Sykes was openly and notoriously deprived of her civil and human rights by a corrupt judge (who on page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted her corrupt conduct) and a group of pernicious lawyers who were engaged in the nitty gritty of elder cleansing – the call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION had to be confronted.   It was by calling a fact that every one knew not to be fact as the gospel!    This gospel by Jerome Larkin was then given a complete white wash.   Unfortunately, this white…

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