Great site on Dr. Karen Huffer and LAS or Litigation Abuse Syndrome (ha, I wonder if there is anything left to the ARDC rule that no one can malign or impugn a judge after that one.  If a lawyer just types in this website, are they liable?  my, times are a changing.  take note, Mr. Larkin and your alleged staff of competent litigators)

and here is another story of corruption in probate in Los Angeles, Cal, this time by a police officer.  No one is immune.

I wonder why they never have any CLE (Continuing Legal Education) on either Corruption in the Courts (how many videos have I posted on that one) or on Litigation Abuse Syndrome even though just about every lawyer knows it exists and can take an intelligent, capable and extremely competent, successful client from a position of power and authority into a blithering idiot, nearly incapable of getting out of bed every day to face the…

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