From Katherine Hine–Warning, the US govt is trying to legalize forced psych drugging!

Warning: A Psychiatric tsuNAMI is Upon U.S.

Well, our government is at it again.

(However, one correction — HR 34 has already passed, it’s the “21st Century Cures” amendment to HR 34 we need to oppose.)

text of bill can be found here:

Click to access CPRT-114-HPRT-RU00-SAHR34.pdf

It is not clear if this is the last stop, or where in the process we even are, but as best I can tell: happening any moment, Congressman Tim Murphy (R, Pennsylvania) will be making another speech at another hearing about the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 2646) which is now part of a new bill, H.R. 34.

H.R. 2646 was the controversial legislative package that did everything from increasing and sanctioning state-sponsored forced and court-ordered psychiatry to the re-organization of SAMHSA…

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