From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to End the Silence! The public outcry for judicial accountability is deafening.

Subject: Re: News Alert: Annoyed Dems dismiss recount as ‘waste of time’ – What should the real headline be?????
Date: Nov 29, 2016 2:13 PM
Take a look outside today – the Sun is out, the weather is mild, the air is fresh, and it is great to be alive.  It is even a quiet news day!    However, the media is up and at them pouring vitriol and irrelevancy into the atmosphere.
The real news of the day is obscured by nonsense such as the recount, who President elect Trump is going to appoint for his personal dog=catcher and who Senator **** objects to him because of his stand on *****.   However, lets look at two fact situations:
Fact situation 1.   An attorney, is involved in a company that supplies Hospice services to the dying.   He has a company, and is…

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