Great Article from Senior Living Watch–why are nursing homes so dangerous?

And in Illinois, nursing homes are particular dangerous, so why are Illinois probate courts forcing seniors into nursing homes? Why are there soooo many seniors in nursing homes that want to go home?  When studies show that yoga, diet and supplements (vitamins) can reverse dementia in a few short months, why is this never any major news?

This week I faxed off my list of 30 horror guardianship stories to the authorities, again, in Illinois and of course, I have not heard a peep back from:  Michael Madigan (Speaker of Illinois House), Lisa Madigan, Patrick Blachard, the Senate Subcommittee on Aging (Demanding public hearing), the House subcommittee on the Judiciary (demanding public hearing) and I do not hear a peep from anyone. Of course, I received a ton of their emails and postcards begging me to vote for them, but why?  What are they doing to prevent the death and…

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