From the US DOJ — How pattern and practice investigations work

Apparently the US Dept. of Justice conducts “pattern and practice” investigations where civil and human rights are violated by the police.

So, why not in probate?

Read on. This is one of their letters explaining what they do and how they do it.  I think it needs to be done in Guardianship courts across the nation where the pattern and practice is “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, eliminate and cremate.”

How Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Conducts Pattern-or-Practice Investigations

The Department of Justice has a number of tools that are effective in bringing about lawful and fair policing. One process is a “pattern-or-practice” investigation. The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has employed this process in communities across the nation to reform serious patterns and practices of excessive force, biased policing and other unconstitutional practices by law enforcement. The division has ongoing cases in cities across the country…

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