Bill Windsor of Lawless America Announces a big win over corruption

For those of you that do not know Bill Windsor, he is pretty much the folk hero of the cleaning up corruption in the courts scene. He started a campaign on youtube, taking short 5 minute videos of people complaining about corruption in the courts. Roseanne Miller has been on one.  I believe those were to be assembled into a “Lawless America” full length movie, but where that went I don’t know where that project is.  Bill was jailed 134 days for tweeting?  He was investigating someone for corruption, Sean Bouche and that turned into a nightmare involving several states.

Bill Windsor claims more than 1500 of the short videos across the nation about complaints regarding corruption in the court.

His story is fascinating.   The announcement of his win is here:

a video on the update can be found here on youtube:

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