KKD explains the difference between a “fixed” and “wired” case


To: Janet Phelan <janet_c_phelan@yahoo.com>
Cc: “JoAnne M. Denison” <joanne@justice4every1.com>, B
Subject: Defining terms.
Date: Jun 21, 2016 9:12 PM
Question:  what is the definition of a “fix?”
Because of my background I use the words “fix” and “wired” court in my regular discourses.    Even though everyone knows or should know what these words mean in the context of corruption, we have never defined them and thus have not made certain that we are speaking together.    As I use the word “fix” it does not mean or portray the sour grapes of a party receiving  an adverse ruling because a judge presiding in some court did not agree with you,   Such is true even if in a perfect world you would have been successful and vanquished your opponent.    Fixed or wired is intended to mean that a decision has been made…

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