Creepiest place in Chicago, Homan Police Processing facility, hands down

Ghost busters and every creepy psychic tv show has nothing on this place. It is far to creepy even for me.

One day, I had to bond out a human trafficked woman in Chicago, get her purse which was at Homan, and I have never felt or seen a more creepy place in Chicago.  I swear the voices of thousands were crying out to me for justice.

I have to tell you when I go to court at the Daley center and have to be there all day, I have to sleep, have to take a shower and have to wash my hands repeatedly after being there, but nothing out does this place in Chicago where thousands have “disappeared” into the Chicago Police System.

The entire building is creepy. Then they yell at you to stand in line, at a yellow line to get your request processed.  Okay, I…

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