From Ken Ditkowsky–why are the same judges/attys always involved in the same problems in probate?

I agree with Ken, same miscreants, same problems, same valid citizen complaints routinely dismissed by the authorities, from the ARDC, to the JIB, to the states attorneys to the FBI, who is doing anything about the same problems enumerated in no less than FOUR GAO reports (published elsewhere on this blog).

During his trial, Ken was asked by the ARDC attorney if he was ashamed for talking about information contained in the GAO (US government reports) and he said, “of course not, it was his constitutional right to discuss government reports.”

Of course, it was his constitutional right to discuss US government reports with the public and take the side of the public that their issues, complaints and grievances were perfectly valid and they were right to demand an honest, thorough and competent investigation, when in fact nothing was done.  This is completely in line with the consensus on the…

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