From Ken Ditkowsky–go collect taxes on criminal gains

See below.

As Ken reminds all of  us, there is a special form for the IRS to collect a 50% tax rate on criminal gains.  We should all be filling out the IRS form for breach of fiduciary duty/criminal gains to put pressure on the miscreants such as Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel, Waller to pay the taxes due on the fact that Mary was never served, the Sykes case had no jurisdiction, they blocked discovery at every turn by telling the  court “they investigated” and searched for the valuable coin collection and found none when in fact they never did search for the coins at all.  In fact, they all knew or should have known Carol emptied the safe deposit box with the coins and they should have reported that to the court, but they did not.

Let’s make this IRS form 3949’s today very popular

Click to access f3949a.pdf


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