Case Summary for Mary Bush–Probate Court Victim

Mary Bush has graciously consented to the publication of her horror story.

If you have not filled out your form and returned it on your horror story in Guardianship or Custody, please do it now.

Forms are located at

1)   Abusive Guardianship form.  Where elder or disabled guardianized under corrupt  “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, medicate to eliminate, cremate.”

2) Corrupt Divorce/Custody battle where children were removed by state wrongfully and placed (sold) into foster homes

3)  custody battle with state or state kidnap form:

I plan on taking these cases (about 32) to the Senate Committee on Aging and demanding these seniors and disableds be returned to their families and all the monies taken by lawyers and court room vendors to abuse these individuals be returned to the payer.

Case Summary for: (your name and address, email and phone)
address, phone


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