How to contact Tim Lahrman

Apparently, he is still in jail at Elkhardt Indiana county jail and if anyone has his name and phone of the Public Defender, the States Attorney or the Commander of Police to send out emails and faxes, please send it along.

Here’s what I did:

I am on the phone now setting up an account. $9.95 fee! you have to call 574 891 2100 and then get transferred a couple of times to the jail, then you have to set up an account. you can’t just go there.

they will give him a message that I can call him. I’m going to try to figure out the email next.

procedure: dial 574-891-2100.they answer, there’s along message, jail press 1, then it goes to the jail, inmate information, press 1, call transferred to inmate info system, message–you can do video visitation on anderoid,, then leave jail voice mail, then there’s…

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