Tim’s arrest with a decade’s old arrest warrant. How does this happen?


Somehow a 17 year old arrest warrant was recently reissued against an Elder and Disabled rights attorney when his case to force the courts to make reasonable accommodations to the Disableds in foreclosures (appoint attorneys, GAL’s, etc. for assistance), is now up at the 7th circuit.

Perhaps he also made the mistake of publishing the truth and pictures of certain judges in state court, as Ken and I have done.

Regardless, someone sent me the law on Indiana arrest warrants and that they expire and are supposed to be returned to the Clerk of Court in 180 days.  The warrant can be reissued, but what judge in their right mind would do this when the Statute of Limitations on a broken license plate and possession of MJ is far less than 17 years.

Who set this up?  Of course, it could be a mistake, but now Tim’s entire arrest is…

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