More on Tim Lahrman and his Friends for Justice

To: Andy Ostrowski <>, ‘Candice Schwager’ <>…………………………………..
Subject: Re: LAHRMAN v. SCHEIBENBERGER, CAUSE NO: 3:08-CV-354-RM. (N.D. Ind. Aug 14, 2008) | Casetext
Date: Apr 1, 2016 11:39 AM
Tim, years ago was pushed out his business by his brother.  The brother recognized that litigation would be long and costly so he arranged for Tim to be declared incompetent and have a guardian appointed for him.   Tim was never incompetent, nor was he insane.   Like the bunch of us he marched to his own drummer.    More importantly he made money.   Such was the incentive.

In the 1990’s apparently Tim had a Marijuana arrest.   He used the incompetency as a sword and a shield.   He had done this successfully before to the absolute horror of his guardian and his brother.    The guardian was well clouted and resented the fact that…

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