Unbelievable–shocking report that Ohio is running T4 programs in hospice



If you take a look at this police report you will find out that the Ohio police are refusing to do tox screens on elderly people in “hospice”. They claim that excessive amounts of drugs that kill the people are required to “alleviate suffering.” That is absolutely utter nonsense.  Drug limits are put in place to protect people while at the same time providing pain relief.  It is a violation of the license of doctors and nurses to give patients excessive psychotropic drugs to “alleviate suffering and pain.”  The FDA controls what drugs and how much of the drugs may be given to these patients.  Only a court may order that food and hydration may be with held to kill a person — ever.

Take for example, the Michael Jackson case.  It is reported he was in great pain, he had severe sleep disorders and his doctor was giving…

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