Dorothy Brown, while under Fed probe, declares victory

One of the things you notice about the Clerk of Court for Cook County is that the Federal Courts went electronic almost over night back in 2000, and here we are in 2016 and no electronic access to court records!  Why?  You can’t fudge with electronic records as easily as you can paper files.  It took DB years to get this done–2016, and you still can’t search court records for 8 cents per page on the internet.

But what has DB been doing during all that time?  Feathering her nest.  Court records show she was exchanging jobs for cash.  This was all recorded by an employee months ago and given to  the FBI to start a federal probe to remove her.

Read on to see what KKD has to say about all of this.  I will get the amended civil complaint against DB to publish.

Subject: Re: Dorothy Brown declares…

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