Robert Grundstein Write on Corruption in US courts system

Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel Allegedly Conceals Evidence and Obstructs Justice Against Attorney Member Who Exposed Ohio Corruption

“You don’t make any money if you tell the truth in court. You have to lie or you lose your credibility.” Washington State Bar (WSBA) member Robert Grundstein chose to expose the truth, and his opinion as stated herein can also be purchased on Amazon.

Vendetta: Cleveland Ohio and America’s Archipelago of Legal Failure

{ Mr. Grundstein writes:
What should be a matter of national concern has been under publicized among a population of over-educated salesmen (aka, attorneys). These pale conventionalists from Washington State have embraced fear and the failure of American Constitutional culture in exchange for income. The purveyor of this fear is Office of Disciplinary counsel and their staff of third rate minds and 9th rate characters.

The history of Disciplinary counsel is curious. As part of the…

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