New Jersey Court Fed. Ct. quashes gag order in Case

In a decision of enormous importance, a New Jersey federal court has struck down a gag order issued by a family court in the Garden State (Bergen Dispatch, 12/19/14).

Back in 2011, Surender Malhan and his ex-wife were in Judge Nancy Sivilli’s family court on a child custody case. Malhan’s ex was given sole custody and Malhan wasn’t happy about the matter. More importantly, he wasn’t happy about the process by which he’d lost contact with his children. So he and four other aggrieved parents filed a class action lawsuit claiming deprivation of their right to due process of law by the family courts of New Jersey.

That interested the New Jersey affiliate of a major national television company. It wanted to do a story on the abuses perpetrated by judges in family courts, so the reporters contacted Malhan for an interview.

In response, Malhan’s wife…

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