Lets hear it for NASGA!


If anyone thinks that court watchers and blogging doesn’t help, take a look at the tied in case of Judge Colin in Florida and his wife who is a “Professional Guardian (of death)”  When NASGA and other blogs got ahold of the fact that Judge Colin was appointing HIS WIFE and passing he (and her friends) business as a Professional Guardian and vendors, all of a sudden that stopped.

Imagine that, a blog making a difference in corruption.  An NGO and concerned citizens making a difference in the courts!

Let’s hear a great hurrah to NASGA and all the court watchers that cleaned up Judge Colin’s act.

He should be kissing all their fu**y be****s right now, because this could have kept him out of club fed med.

No one wants to put people away, we want them to act with intergrity, Honesty and Justice.

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