A long history in Indiana of abusing the Mentally Disabled says Tim Lahrman


Mr. Tim Lahrman is one of the most helpful, kind “disabled adults” that I have come to know.  He regularly writes pleadings for the disabled, reads cases, is highly skilled in the law–yet is under guardianship in Indiana!

How does this happen?  Tim Lahrman ran a very successful electronics store or stores in Indianapolis. They were worth millions.  But one day, evil greedy brother ran into court on false pretenses that Tim smoked marijuana frequently and was in need of a guardianship.  The court agreed, stripped Tim Lahrman of all his rights and handed over control of the electronics store to evil brother.  Of course, we all know what happens after that–assets are sold, but many simply disappear.  Evil brother is now rich, bank accounts of the business quickly drained, but the court and all court appointed lawyers and vendors are happy because they have been paid off.  Tim Lahrman…

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