Great idea–push to make arbitration clauses illegal in nursing home contracts

John Mitchell, only 69 years old, was recovering from a stroke at a nursing home in Dennis, Massachusetts when — one week after he was admitted — staff dropped him while moving him from his bed to a chair. A call to an ambulance was made, but then cancelled when his vital signs seemed to stabilize. Later that night, John became unresponsive. After he was rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered that the fall had caused extensive bleeding in his brain; he died a few days later. It was only after his sons hired an attorney to investigate the circumstances surrounding their father’s death that they found — among dozens of pages in the admission contract signed by John’s guardian — a pre-dispute arbitration agreement.

Fortunately for John’s family, a court ruled the clause in their contract unenforceable. But that isn’t always the case.

The Obama Administration is seriously…

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