From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to rectify the wrongs of the ARDC

It is time for the American Bar Association to take a big step forward and to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
The JoAnne Denison case is a disgrace of the magnitude of the Dred Scott Decision.      When lawyers cannot speak out against overt criminal conduct such as occurred in the MARY SYKES CASE  09 P 4585 or the atrocity of the Alice Gore case America is in serious trouble.    When lawyer disciplinary commissions are entities for covering up the elder cleansing of America committed by corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, and corrupt public officials it is time for these organizations to be revamped and returned to their purpose of protecting the public.    The public interest is not served by the exploitation, abuse, and deprivations of civil rights and property rights of the elderly and the disabled.    The public interest is not…

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