Can the public make a difference? Can 50 FB members get rid of 20 local police in a local raid?

Apparently yes.  The Canadian government was all set to raid a local, organic raw milk cooperative (milk was not pasteurized until well into the 20th century when mega agra insisted dairy farms pasteurize milk. The reality is, whole raw milk is a health food considered so valuable it is still dispensed in vending machines 24/7 in
Europe).  But mega corps have to make mega profits, so they don’t give consumers a choice to purchase raw milk for its health food benefits, and many consumers are unhappy about that.  Raw milk, like human breast milk is a living breathing substance with anti bodies in it and has the ability to still captue and eliminate bad bacteria because it is living.  Once it is pasteurized, it loses those abilities and bad bacteria quickly grows if left at room temperature.  Pasturizing equipment makes milk much more expensive.  Fortunately, human breast milk, if pasteurized,will…

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