From Ken Ditkowski–the Demise of Mary G Sykes in the Illinois Probate System

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: ginny johnson <>;
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2015 9:17 AM
Guardianship was not intended to be a predatory operation.    Pursuant to statute it was intended to create the reasonable Americans With Disabilities Act accommodation further limited by reasonable necessity so that the Core values of America were not infringed on the Constitutional, and Civil Rights of all citizens was respected.     What it has evolved into, thanks to corrupt jurists, corrupt lawyers, corrupt public figures, and a onus and venal campaign by 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 242 coconspirators and the benign public and immunity is a cottage industry of elder cleansing, i.e. railroading a disabled person (usually a senior with a few dollars to be stolen) into a guardianship that isolates her from family, friends, and prior life so that she can be abused, exploited…

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