Dorothy Brown, Clerk of Cook County–in the scandal news again

Dear Readers;

Since the ARDC was so obviously upset that I published questions regarding why isn’t the Cook County Court system computerized like the Northern District of Illinois Federal System since 2000 when Pacer or Public Access to Court Electronic Records was introduced (we have a very limited version of access to court filings outside of 50 W.Washington, and it’s for certain not public), no reason not to publish an update.

From what I’ve learned if the ARDC sqeaks when you mention certain topics, you know there’s a scab to be picked and it’s generally a scab of corruption that the public would like to remedy, preferrably with indictments and prision time.

Apparently, according to this new source:

Dorothy Brown is in trouble again, this time for taking a piece of land worth $100,000 and selling it.

I don’t know if any of you out there get $100,000 parcels…

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