The UK is starting to ask Seniors to die ASAP with a controversial request for voluntary DNR’s

All physicians in England are supposed to ask any senior over 75 to sign a DNR, which is ridiculous.  Only those who are terminally ill and not ever expected to get out of bed again should have a DNR.

Patients riddled with cancer, serious dementia they must be put on machines, those that cannot breathe on their own and do not want to be on a machine, etc.–those are candidates for DNR, but not a healthy senior that is walking, talking and functioning.  These doctors should not even be asking, due to the placebo effect.

If a person doesn’t want to live on a machine, that is their right and their decision.  The Divine Ones do not require anyone to take any medicine or machine to live.

If the government wants them to work or whatever or die, they just  do it and say it.  Why be coy?


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