Glenda Martinez asks why, after two appeals, the probate attorneys continue to lie to the judge?

this was my answer:

Many connected and favored probate attorneys in C**** churn the bill with false accusations and use their clout to get rubber stamped court orders.  In the Janie Thomas case her father’s estate was short some $20,000 to pay GAL Hubbard.  So he went to Janie and falsely accused her of taking $18,000 from the estate informally.  He told her she could either write a check or it would be revealed to her church she stole money from her father’s estate. She wrote the check and shut up, no problem.  It’s been covered up and both the OPG and Hubbard were involved. The Judge MacCarthy refused to open an investigation when asked, so Hubbard got a court order, I will publish later today:

You can tell me if that isn’t a white wash over the problem.  The judge should have opened an investigation, taken testimony and determined…

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