Who is Clarence Earl Gideon and where are the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens today?


Who is Clarence Earl Gideon?  And how do people like him do it?

So today I am watching a Netflix I have to highly recommend to you all out there.

Gideon’s Army.  I give it 10 starts out of 5, that’s how good it is.

Significance (for those of you that hated the “underlying” hidden themes of literature and religion and society and didn’t get into this).  First of all Mr. Gideon started it all with respect to public defenders.  He was arrested for stealing a few bucks and a soda and maybe a couple of beers at a pool hall in Florida.  Sentenced to jail FOR 5 YEARS, he argued successfully to the US Supreme Court that an attorney is the essential basis to the US justice system and without one the US constitution means nothing.

Out of the thousands of petitions submitted to the US Supreme Court each…

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