From Ken Ditkowsky, personally explaining filing his Petition to SCOI today

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Dec 28, 2013 11:37 AM
To: Jo Anne Denison , “”
Subject: Illinois Supreme Court

 It took Larry 3 attempts to get the procrustean rules of the Supreme Court right so that we could file our petition.   The Petition is now filed.     If the Supreme Court of Illinois will follow the Rule of Law as set out by their own ruling and the Supreme Court of the United States this is a cake=walk!    Unfortunately, in Peel it took an Appeal to the United States Supreme Court.  (That was the case in which a lawyer on his letterhead connoted that he had been awarded the designation as a ‘trial specialist!’  – the IARDC brought the proceedings against Attorney Peel as Peel was representing two other lawyers in proceedings brought to by the IARDC)
The first try failed because the Petition was more than 20 pages.   I was going to file a Motion to file  document in excess of 20 pages.    OK – it was easier and did not delay us by just reducing the number of pages.   New we needed a one page document – more like a duplication of the issues and prayer for relief.   This we did – it was  a piece of cake.   On the 3rd try everything got filed.    The 15 copies are now out!   12 to the Court and 3 to the IARDC.
Larry will furnish copies to everyone.
The argument is really quite simple.    Content related speech is protected speech pursuant to the Rule of Law as set forth by the United States Supreme court.    Thus, complaining of Greylord type corruption now going on in the field of Elder Cleansing cannot be punished by Mr. Larkin, his staff at the IADC and/or court appointed miscreants such as Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, Miriam Solo. Peter Schmiedel.    (see 320 ILCS 20/4 granting immunity – which Larkin ignores, 735 ILCS 110/5 – which sets the policy of the State of Illinois – which Larkin ignores, 18 USCA 3,4 which require the reporting of felonies etc, 18 USCA 171 which effectively makes those who aid and abet criminal activity to be conspirators!      Of course as the mail is part and parcel of these proceedings 18 USCA 1341 is also violated.
N.B. Income tax evasion, theft by a fiduciary, et al are felonies!     As I have reported all these misdeeds to Mr. Larkin and the IARDC and they continue to ignore the reports (and reports totally consistent by citizens such as Scott Evans, Gloria Sykes, Katty Bakken, etc) aiding and abetting appears to be a mild term.    The July 1, 2013 letter from a senior attorney at the IARDC claiming that Adam Stern was the GAL for Gloria and therefore the IARDC could not investigate Stern is strong evidence of 18 USCA 171, especially 17 days later when the false assertion became a typo, but no investigation commenced!
What is most interesting is the fact that Mr. Larkin has not attempted to CYA.    As Carolyn has never denied the allegations made against her should give him pause!     The fact that Carolyn was reported to be insolvent prior to being wrongfully appointed as guardian and now is flaunting wealth from every pore should raise some law enforcement eyebrows!     In particular in light of 18 USCA 171 Larkin and the miscreants all know that anytime Mr. Holder decides each has ‘skin in the game!’    (When you add the prosecution of Ms. Denison in violation of 47 USCA 230 this is one puzzling case!)
Anyhow – on Monday I should have a workable draft of Count 1 of our 42 USCA 1983 claim for you and we can start adding the State Court counts!    The lack of jurisdiction for the miscreant’s actions wraps things up in a very nice package.    Before  a Jury there will be no informal assumptions.
Ken Ditkowsky

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