The Williamson Case–why is the Catholic Church suing the Williamsons in probate to take their land?

JUSTICE 4 EVERY1, NFP 5534 N. Milwaukee Ave JoAnne Denison, Executive Director Chicago, IL 60630 Cell Phone 773-255-7608 ph 312-553-1300 fax 773-423-4455 A social Justice Services NFP since 2014

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 2810 5th Avenue, Rock Island, IL. 61201 (309) 794-0660

March 10, 2023

RE: Knox County Case No. 22 PR 12 and 21 MR 21 –Estate of Fred Stegall SEEKING INFORMATION ON KNOX COUNTY COURT CORRUPTION

Dear Sacred Heart Church

I am the Executive Director of Justice 4 Every1, Not for Profit. I run and manage blogs ( and regarding corrupt and abusive guardianships in Chicago and in Illinois and nationwide. There are more than 1600 posts on those blogs about corruption in the courts and horrific abuse of the elderly in Guardianship and then their Estates are looted by attorneys and others in decedent’s estates and these blogs are extremely popular…

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