From BP; Case law on how the state cannot remove your child from your home without a warrant signed by a judge

In Illinois there are tons of kids removed from their homes without a warrant by DCFS.

Why a warrant?  A warrant must be accompanied by an affidavit that makes sense and clearly states probably cause.  It is then reviewed by the judge and signed off by a judge.  This may not be a perfect system, but you do have a prosecutor involved, a judge involved, not just some BS from DCFS.  (Brian Peterson case)

Here is the law on that issue.  If you have a state or medical kidnap case, be sure to know your rights. DO NOT TALK TO DCFS OR THE POLICE without your lawyer being present.  Tell DCFS you will cooperate but they must put questions in writing and your lawyer will answer those questions for you.

Too many false removals in Illinois.

Know your rights.

Don’t put your kids in danger into a system in Illinois…

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