From FB; Woman in AU secretly films staffer suffocating and abusing dad; told not to film anymore

Of course, the abuse was her fault and the facility sent her a cease and desist letter not to film and no apology.

Secret camera captures abuse of elderly man in nursing home including attempted ‘suffocation’


A hidden camera in an Adelaide nursing home has captured footage of a staff member appearing to attempt to suffocate an 89-year-old man, prompting calls to legalise the installation of cameras in the private rooms of aged care facilities.

Key points:

  • Noleen Hausler was suspicious her father Clarence was being mistreated in his nursing home
  • She hid a small camera in his private room and recorded acts of abuse
  • There are now calls for security cameras to be installed in rooms of some aged care residents

Noleen Hausler had been suspicious…

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