From FC: Did the Illinois Supreme court treat bio fathers as 2nd class citizens?

So I read this, and I thought, maybe those crazy father’s rights cases do have a point.

A single mother brings home baby from the hospital and she has constitutional rights.

Dad has to get a DNA test and even then his rights are conditional?

Why the difference?

read on:

Parentage of J.W.

helpCheck If This Is Still Good Law
Supreme Court of Illinois.May 23, 2013Full title
990 N.E.2d 698 (Ill. 2013)Copy Citation
990 N.E.2d 698371 Ill. Dec. 5102013 IL 114817

Cases citing this case

  • Toth v. Howrey

    …¶ 24 A. The Best-Interests-of-the-Child Standard and the Standard of Review¶ 25 The Parentage Act establishes…

  • C.C. v. David H.C.

    …See J.S.A. v. M.H., 224 Ill.2d 182, 211–12, 309 Ill.Dec. 6, 863 N.E.2d 236 (2007). ¶ 69 Rather than…

lock 49 Citing caseskeyboard_arrow_right

Summaries written by judges

  • Holding that the biological father…

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