From DJ: Witness Prep and how many items did BK violate?

Witness Prep

1. When asked a question, wait a few seconds for your attorney to object. Common objections are vague, misleading, compound question, facts not in evidence, hearsay. The judge will then make a ruling. If she says sustained wait for your attorney to ask another question or rephrase your question. During this time, think carefully about your answer. If you have to take some time to get your answer right, take your time.

2. When answering a question, try to be simple and direct. Do not continue on with a long narrative unless your attorney says “go on” and the judge permits it. In general, you have to answer all questions directly and concisely. One sentence is good enough. Your attorney will ask another question.

3. During questioning, sit up and look people in the eye. Don’t play with your glasses, pens or paper. Look at the jury and/or…

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