From Dr. Cordero: women continue to speak out against the 478 complaints against justices dismissed out of hand and lack of investigation by Kavanaugh and his cronies on the benc

Re: [DailyKos] Q 2 ALL: 1,600 MEN SIGN FULL-PAGE NYT AD IN SUPPORT OF CHRISTINE B. FORD – Proposal to join forces to expose judges’ abuse


Re: Proposal to join forces with Mothers in the Legal Profession who wrote “An open letter of thanks to Dr. Blasey Ford”

Dear Mr. Scott and Ms. Heil,

If you had only bothered to read my article, you would have realized that I do not state even once that I believe or disbelieve either Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh.

You diminish your credibility when you hazard a comment or a reasonless conclusion on an article that you have not read.

Had you managed to read all the way down to the first paragraph, you would have understood what the purpose of the article is:

“I am a male non-partisan doctor of law and lawyer in New York City. I read with interest your letter in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford…

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