From KKD; Lanre Amu refuses to apologize to ARDC for speaking out against corruption



 Indeed,” practicing Law while Black” (without official permission) apparently in Illinois is prohibited, however, the penalties associated therewith are our dirty little secrets.   Indeed, everyone knows that we all are supposed to keep quiet concerning Cook County, Illinois approved corruption.   


If the media were to expose your disciplinary proceeding in an election year the overt racism that you were subjected it might cause a few people who share a dark hue to their skin to not vote for the corrupt POLITICAL ELITE.    Your example of honoring your oath might even breed a quest for the Court to rid itself of corruption!    


Indeed, the overt racism that you were subjected might even tarnish certain favored members of the political elite.    It was very difficult for Mr. Larkin (and by extension the Illinois Supreme Court) to explain how a disciplinary proceeding can (or could) be…

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2 thoughts on “From KKD; Lanre Amu refuses to apologize to ARDC for speaking out against corruption

  1. I have serious material as a non-lawyer African American who was also rail road.
    The Cook County Judge lied in my face to conceal the use of a Cook County Bid that allowed a Cemetery to operate as a privately owned while the Cemetery was allowing the Cemetery who is in the jurisdiction of our Cook County Sheriff’s Police. When I learned the money that was being involved the Court room 2005 asked me “YOU DON’T WANT THE MONEY” I found that to be degraded and insulting as if all People of Color would Perjury themselves or allow themselves to be bribed to conceal what I later founded to be a violation ,using public money that involved a Cemetery to stack those belonging to the Cook County Morgue in a Cemetery that failed to keep accurate maps. The illegal issue here was a crime since the process allow the Cook County Sheriff to disturb graves and desecrate without Court Order. This Bid involved a Broker Lambent Risk Black owned by a female. Allow yourself to understand why she was involved.
    So, Yes I for 4 years have had one of the ARDC former employees representing a white law firm called Leahy & Hoste who was allowed to retain a Lawyer Samuel Manella to defend this lawyer who Bribed the Government and used several African Americans.
    The Lawyer Manella not only used my name a total of 14 times in several complaints against the firm to the ARDC. He even stated in his conclusion response to the ARDC to talk to Ms. Guzman about me. This is serious when we are voters here in Illinois. We need to make sure the Judges on these benches are not racism. The Law Firm that represented the Government Bid also represented the Broker. Ice Miller who is John Burke who is married to a Judge that was a colleague of those in the Law Division. All who read these comments please understand we have a serious problem here. We cannot get legal justice when you are of Color in the Law Division. I had no involvement with any Government Bids nor my Family. I was thrown in with 36 others just because a Political Law Firm who needed to keep the Contract Bid from being reveal placed me in a mess.
    I am attempting to get the FBI and Washington involve since this Bid does involve Federal regulations.


    • Thank you for your comments why don’t you try and call me so that I can try to make sense out of what you have said. The air DC should not be involved in corruption and it sounds like they might have been. So call me at 773-255-7608 and if you can get me a copy of all the court records that you can find. Thanks


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