From KKD: Dr. Sugar’s new book on Guardianship

Exploiting the elderly has become one of the most prolific American Industries, and the safest criminal enterprise in history.    The funding necessary to create success is available through government and insurance company sources in large (health care fraud).    The individual victims are an easy mark and theft of their assets is added perk.      Most importantly, the guardian provides in many situations an important service that is laudable and essential; however, in other situations it is a dark world designed to prey on the helpless, the infirm, and the vulnerable.

Dr. Sugar’s expose, to wit: Guardianships and the Elderly, the Perfect Crime exposes in a concise, direct, and straight forward manner the predation of HUMAN TRAFFICKING in the elderly that is plaguing America and assaulting her core values.      In few pages, Guardianships educates the reader not only the ‘history’ of the enterprise, but its statutory origins and most importantly the perpetrators.   …

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