From FB: murdered teen girl was a runaway from a foster group home, but no one reporter her missing. no one ever investigated her disappearance.

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF – For many, adding to the tragedy of 15-year-old Stacy Duke’s murder is knowing she was here in Bakersfield seemingly alone. The teen’s older brother says she was loved, but she had a difficult life. He says Stacy did what she had to do in order to survive.

Adam Pittman says his sister’s short life was filled with struggle as she was born into the foster care system. “Foster care, it’s not what you want to know in life, not what you want to learn…how to run the government or how the government can run you”, says Pittman.

He says he and Stacy’s mother had four children, but they never all lived together at once, they were always in and out of the system. He says the family is originally from San Bernardino.  He says his mother loved them, but she struggled with addiction.

He says Stacy’s…

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