From EF: Pay to play well alive in Cook County Court System but this is not disclosed to voters or litigants

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to reportcorrupti.Elizabeth_Warr.correspondenceChicago.a
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Dear All,
I continue to report rampant corruption and violations of ethics in Illinois Court system, where majority of judges obtained their judicial seats through connections with certain politicians and powerful judges.
Alison Conlon, a  relative to a well-connected lawyer William F. Conlon,  (daughter?), was  appointed on  February 2, 2015, as a Circuit Court Judge by the Illinois Supreme Court, at the recommendation of Justice Mary Jane Theis.
Alison Conlon has all mandatory merits to be a judge in Cook County Court. Surprisingly, she just got a Municipal Division seat, but I am confident that with her credentials she will be moved to the higher Division promptly.
Alison is an insider who knows many secrets in our Court system but will…

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