From FB: New film exposes civil rights violations in Guardianship

New Film Exposes Nationwide Abuses of Seniors and People With Disabilities, Calls for Reforms in Guardianships

“Pursuit of Justice” is a film (36 minutes) by Greg Byers which tracks the advocacy of civil rights attorney Thomas F. Coleman, clinical psychologist Nora J. Baladerian, and a growing network of activists as they travel the country promoting reforms in adult guardianship proceedings involving seniors and adults with various disabilities. The documentary is sponsoredby Spectrum Institute.

Like the recent Oscar-nominated film “Edith+Eddie”, “Pursuit of Justice”shows how guardianships can be manipulated to abuse the rights of vulnerable adults. While “Edith+Eddie” involves an interracial couple in their nineties, “Pursuit of Justice” focuses on adults of various ages who have different types of disabilities.

Stephen and Greg are autistic men in their twenties. Mickey, in his thirties, had an intellectual disability. Kay, in…

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