From EB: Michigan changes laws regarding predatory Realtors who prey on Estate homes, but how little, how late?

EB sent me this article on how Michigan is changing laws so that Realtors cannot open Decedents Estates quick and sell homes on the cheap causing heirs to take huge losses on the sale of homes owned by their deceased loved ones.

But note in the news stories, the Michigan officials admit they received a stream of stories over just how many years?

And how does giving notice and changing a waiting period to sell homes from 42 days to 63 days really help anyone when you know probate is a fixed game and a fixed sale and profits are only accessible to cronies of the wealthy and powerful.

I vote this a red herring, but watch for yourself.

7 Action News Investigation prompts probate law change, protects heirs


A 7 Action News investigation has now changed the law in Michigan.  On Tuesday, Governor Rick…

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