From MG: Are Legislators really concerned about the patent lack of ethics of Family Law Lawyers and that the ARDC does nothing to stop their charades?

Are legislators really concerned about the (lack of) ethics of Family Law lawyers?  Maybe.  Are legislators concerned about the ARDC’s (Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) failure to investigate?  Probably not.

Attached is a letter from the then House Judiciary Committee to the ARDC regarding their concerns.  It is signed by EVERY member of the Judiciary Committee.

Yet, what has the ARDC done?  Nothing.  They just ignored it.  Why?  Because Family Law is the biggest revenue generator for attorneys: so no one wants to touch it, even if there is a “call” to look into it.

I know, some can argue that this letter is concerning GALs and Child Reps.  True, but what are GALs and Child Reps?  They are lawyers selected from Family Law Attorneys.  (I have a lot to say about GALs and the GAL program, but that would take another several weeks of emails to get out…

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