From FB: New film exposes the dark underbelly of “court evaluators” in divorce

Would you pay this man $7,500 to decide whether you are a fit parent? New film exposes the dark underbelly of the $50bn a year divorce industry in the US

  • ‘Divorce Corp’ exposes the $50 billion-a-year American divorce business
  • The documentary, narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky, reveals the incestuous business relationships among judges, attorneys and court professionals
  • Gloria Allred says, ‘follow the money’
  • American rights enshrined in the Constitution do not exist in family court
  • Dan Brewington of Indiana went to jail for blogging about the custody evaluator and judge in his divorce


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‘Joe Kegan’s’ Facebook page featured pictures of himself strutting his stuff in bondage clothing — wearing chains across his chest and black leather chaps, but no pants.

Another photo of a sign hanging from a balcony during one…

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