From FB Again: Andy Ostrowski taken away on yet another false psych hold early am Oct. 20, 2017

From Dave Gerry on Facebook this morning:

The cops came and took Andy Ostrowski ( Andrew Joseph ) away again this morning on another “302” (mental illness claim), just a few weeks after a judge ruled they had no legal reason to detain him. Don’t know who called a 302 on him this time. Last time it was his Scientologist brother from Chicago….

You can be a pedophile and not get charged. You mention corruption in government and law enforcement in a lawsuit, you get put into a mental hospital. This is so wrong.

Declarations of mental illness for the purpose of defeating political opponents is a tried-and-true method of despots everywhere. Amerika hardly resembles the country I grew up in anymore.

From Joanne;

I will the fax no. for the pych hospital and the police on Monday and let’s let them know this is NOT acceptible behavior.

I doubt…

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