From Jane Stillwater–New Scam on elderly. Pretend you work at the nursing home and steal cash, credit cards and checks.

This just another reason to keep your loved ones at home under your watch.  Everyone knows it’s pretty much the staff that pilfers cash, credit cards, jewlery and anything of value from elderly residents in nursing homes, but this is crazy.

She altered her appearance from the photo circulated by police. (BREAKING)

By Bea Karnes (Patch Staff) – Updated 

Arrested: Woman Accused Of Stealing From Elderly At Assisted Living Centers

LAMORINDA, CA — Thousands of pairs of eyes have been watching for this woman, and Moraga Police announced this week that she has been arrested. Antoinique Bryant, 29, of Richmond, was arrested by a fugitive task force from the U.S. Marshals Service in Antioch on Tuesday. She is accused of stealing from elderly residents at assisted-living centers and senior housing in Moraga and Orinda.

Her alleged accomplice, 30-year-old Richmond resident Shawn Morris, was already in custody.

Moraga Police received reports of the thefts and fraud in late August from several…

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