EMERGENCY–Volunteer Attorney and Volunteers needed in a massive civil/father’s rights case with state Kidnap of new born male child by DCFS of Illinois


Just when you think the State of Illinois couldn’t possibly get more corrupt, I learn of a new case.

Here are the facts.

Last week a child was born to two unmarried parents.  The father is a vet honorably discharged who is just getting back on his feet after being kicked out of his mother’s home in Probate when his mother was recently guardianized. He was her long term caretaker.

But last week, something great happened.  He became the father of a beautiful health baby boy.  He lived with the mother during the pregnancy and supported her and tried to get along with her.  But from time to time she would disappear for a few days, sometimes saying she needed a break, sometimes she would provide a myriad of excuses.  No problem, he would just take care of her while she was at home with him.

He has an apartment…

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