From Ken Ditkowsky–time to clean up Health Care Fraud in the US and the Ill. ARDC!

Date: Sep 6, 2017 4:17 AM
Health care fraud is a major industry in the United States that supports not only corrupt judges, but much of the Political elite.   Not only is it a cancer that is destroying the financial underpinnings of America, but the profiteers are destroying the core values of America.
Witness the Philip Esformes indictments down in Florida.   Esformes, a small time crook, stole a billion dollars!   It is estimated that his fellows stole so much more than he is “small potatoes” even though he equals the Bernie Madoff crimes.   Witness the Seth Gillman medicare frauds.   Gillman a lawyer preyed on the Hospice crowd!  He stole millions not only from the infirm and dying, but also helped himself to his employees trust funds.    The Establishment and in particular Larkin and the IARDC expressed no interest in protecting the public from…

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